Waterfront Properties In Florida

I have watched the value of my waterfront homes double and triple and there is no end in sight. I cannot recommend waterfront property strongly enough. If you agree, you better hurry. Prices are continuing to increase. If you wait, you will certainly pay more.

The most basic economic principal is that of supply and demand. Any time the supply is constant and the demand is growing, the result is; prices go up. Obviously, the supply of waterfront properties is fixed, while the population and demand grows every day. Over the long run, the prices will continue to increase as long as we all live. In fact, the supply is actually shrinking every year. Local, state, and federal governments; environmental groups; etc. are buying up hundreds of thousands of acres of waterfront property to protect the environmental aspects. This is reducing the supply of private property available to us. Shrinking supply combined with growing demand means you better hurry. Prices are going up!

Because the supply of waterfront properties is so limited, they will always appreciate more rapidly. If appreciation is your main objective in buying property, buy waterfront. I bought a waterfront house for my son when he was born in November 2000 for $70,000. In February 2004, those same houses were selling for more than $200,000. That means the property has almost tripled in less than 4 years. By 2006, it was worth $300,000. I did the same thing for my daughter in 2002. As a result, their college is paid for several times over.

You may as well own what everybody wants. I live on the water, and I love it. I will never go back to living anywhere else. There is nothing better than coming home after work, lowering the boat into the water, and taking my kids out on it. I have the opportunity to enjoy life much more now that I live on the water!



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