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Rick Harper comes from a long line of real estate investors and brokers. His parents, grand parents, wife and several other family members are investors and brokers. While most kids were playing ball, Rick was working on property with his dad. Rick bought his first investment property at age 16 and he has been successfully investing ever since.

In Rick’s presentations he shares his experience and the experiences of hundreds of other real estate investors he has helped. Rick offers a "No Bull, Just the Facts" presentation on real estate investment. The presentation is not a "Get Rich Quick" scheme! It is designed to show how to set & accomplish long term goals, like retirement planning, college funds for the kids, reduce tax burden & cash flow.

He will teach how to build equity and reduce debt. His presentations are fun, informative & give everybody the opportunity to get all their questions answered. Rick teaches how, what & where to invest. Everybody should walk out motivated and equipped with the skills to prevail in today's real estate market.

Several topics are available. We can mix the topics and tailor a presentation to meet the specific goals of your group. 

1. Changing with the Market. Just because it worked before does not mean it will work again. Our strategies have to change with the market. Get the best strategies for today. Buyers Market vs. Sellers Market, and Available Financing are factors we must capitalize on. An informed investor can make money in any market. 

2. How to Get Investment Property Paid off for Maximum Cash Flow. Leverage is the great tool but recently it has been over used. Most investors fail to realize debt & loan payments are the exact opposite of equity & cash flow. Our goal is equity & cash flow! This presentation shows how to make the transition. 

3. Beginning Investor Kick Start. Every group seems to have several beginners and even some people that have been thinking & talking about real estate for several years and never get started. If anyone walks out of this show and does not start buying immediately, they never will.

4. Commercial Property. This presentation will teach how to find the right property, how to analyze an investment, how to get financing, how to increase the net income and how to increase the value. 

5. How to Identify the Next Hot Market.  It is a fact; one market in the country will outperform all the rest. A prudent investor must invest in the best market available. When this presentation is over the audience will be able to identify the Hot Market and purchase property there. 

6. Absentee Investing.  Not everybody has the time and skills to be a Hands on Investor. Some investors need to know how to capitalize on OPS (Other Peoples Skills) & OPK (Other Peoples Knowledge) to get the maximum return on investment with minimal time & labor invested. Same concept as OPM just taking it to the next level.

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