Ready to Sell: Real estate prices are high. We have seen the market drop in the past and it will again. It is always better to sell when prices are high. Don’t be the one who says, “I should have sold when I had the chance”. This is your chance. We have qualified buyers actively looking for property like yours.

Looking to Buy: As you can see by this letter, I am in contact with a lot of landowners. Some landowners are at the stage in life that they are ready to sell. Some are very motivated. Believe me, finding good property at a good price in the part of the state is not easy but that is what we do for you.

Management: We are here to help you maximize your return on investment. Land offers a variety of income streams. Just to name a few; timber, grazing & recreation. Don’t let your investment sit idle. Are you getting the most out of your investment? We can help!

Let’s Talk

I know land is more than an investment. In many cases it is the result of a life’s labor, investment & risk. I know what is like to actually “Love my Land”. We want to help you get the maximum benefit from your land whether you plan to sell or manage for maximum income.

I am sending you this letter today to start a conversation about land and real estate investment in general. I am available anytime. Please call 352-419-7925.

About Rick Harper

I have a few titles; Real Estate Broker. Real Estate Investor. Rancher. Farmer and of course Husband & Father. I don’t think any of these titles begin to tell the whole story.

I bought my first piece of land 37 years ago at age 16. It is 5 acres next to the forest. I still own that property today. Since then I have bought well over a hundred properties. Many I still own. I have been able to acquire thousands of acres only because I have learned how to get good income off of my land. Cattle, timber, farming, rents and conservation programs to name a few. Of course I invest in improved residential and commercial properties as well but nothing gives me more satisfaction than large tracts of land. I love land.

Almost 30 years ago I opened Harper Realty. We have been involved in tens of thousands of real estate transactions. We have been a full service investment firm from the beginning. We offer consultation, property locating, assistance with financing and management after closing. As a result of my personal investment experience and my life’s work with other investors I feel comfortable helping my customers buy, sell and manage real estate. In fact, I don’t think you will find a more experience and dedicated individual and firm to help you with property.

Harper Realty Inc.
Ph: 352-419-7925
P.O Box 1774
Inverness, FL 34451 US
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